Ski Instructor with many years of experience in the field.

His first teaching experience was in Argentina, and then continued in Italy in Livigno.

He specializes in teaching the techniques of skiing and telemark.

Very attentive to the stages of learning and development of children.

He has a great ability to understand the needs of everyone, whether adult or child.

With him, smiles and fun are guaranteed.

Spoken languages: Italian, English, German and Spanish


A young and enthusiastic Ski Instructor, with a great passion for skiing and a desire to teach, Cristian is a seafarer who devotes himself fully to teaching with great instruction. Always attentive to the needs and the individual characteristics of anyone in his lessons, he creates an experience truly unique. From young children to adults, from beginners to advanced skiiers, he will lead you to the perfect learning experience.

Spoken languages: Italian, English, French


Solar boy, dynamic, with a unique determination, ready to give the best of himself to make you discover all the techniques of skiing. Your children will feel in safe hands, lots of fun and technique, a combination that will make your child fall in love with this discipline. What else to say, seeing is believing, you will be fascinated.

Languages spoken: Italian, English, German


Directly from Poland, now naturalized in Italy, has been part of our group for a few years.

She is the only Ski Instructor we have in Italy, with an Italian qualification qualified to practice the profession.

From this year will be responsible for FULL TIME KIDS, will follow your children from morning until late afternoon, for a day of learning and pure fun.

Will know how to involve your children but also parents.

Spoken languages: Polish (mother tongue), Italian, English


Mattia is a young and passionate Ski Instructor with formidable international experience. He fluently speaks three languages (Italian, Slovenian, and English) and comes from the world of international racing, representing the Slovenian national team and making appearances in the Europa Cup. With his determination, fun-loving attitude with children, and technical expertise with adults, he is a versatile and motivated teacher. His passion for skiing shines through in every lesson, and he is always eager to inspire and amaze his students.
Spoken languages: Italian and Slovenian (mother tongue),English.


City girl completely overwhelmed by the passion for skiing and for the mountains. Determined, sunny and always ready to share and transmit her emotions on the snow.

With her smile she will captivate all our little students and everyone else as well.

Book a lesson with Jennifer and you will experience unique moments, rediscover the beauty of this sport and the sense of freedom that only skiing is able to give us .

Languages spoken: Italian, English, Spanish


With more than ten years of experience, he can teach from beginners to experts, from childhood to adulthood.

Much attention to the technical precision, to teaching and to the identification of the teaching methodology best suited to each person.

Always with a sunny smile, able to convey to all his love for the discipline.

Spoken languages: Italian, Russian, Bulgarian, English, Serbian, Ukrainian


Renowned athlete and natural champion.

At the end of his career as an athlete, he has dedicated himself with great passion, enthusiasm and success to the teaching of the skiing techniques.

Always ready to have fun and entertain.

Spoken languages: Italian, English, Danish


One of a kind, mountain expert, with extensive experience in the world of skiing and teaching.

He carries out his profession with great precision and professionalism.

He is the '"grandfather" of the group, but has the enthusiasm and energy of a kid.

Loved by adults and children.

Languages spoken: Italian, English, German


Whatever your style or skill level, learn with us the emotions that the "table" offers


New to our Team, Andrea just arrived and already knows how to demonstrate the quality and determination of a professional. Specializing in Freestyle with unique evolutions, he will lead you to the Snowpark to let you experience the thrill of the most beautiful Tricks, 180 °, 360 °, and much more. It will be in precisely these jumps and these spectacular rotations with which Rudy will try to win you over. With his great athleticism, Andrea can also help those with the desire for more demanding and specified training for competition.

Spoken languages: Italian, English


A small, big girl. A bundle of energy ready to involve you at 360 degrees.

She does not know boredom, and engages with those who make the first steps to those who test themselves with the most difficult stunts, everyone will end the lesson with a huge smile.

Her specialty: the free ride!

Spoken languages: Italian, English